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Somewhere along the way I used to think if I spent time on my physical and mental health, my family would sacrifice for it.

Designed by Shar is the result of my long and frustrating journey trying to get back to a body I loved after having kids. Like many new moms, after my babies were born I wanted to lose the baby weight. I went about it the only way I knew how: by cutting calories.  Over the course of the next few years I tried absolutely everything to get the weight off and keep it off, and ended up feeling discouraged and misled.  Should I eat carbs, or not eat carbs? Do a juice cleanse, or go keto?

Through learning macro nutrition I was able to get and keep the weight off, have better sleep and more energy, and generally more joy in living!  My passion has become helping others discover how portions, balance, and WHAT you eat rather than HOW LITTLE you eat can lead to the same results I got through macros: weight loss, better sleep, more energy, and a better life.

Hi, I’m Shar! I’m so happy you’re here. Let me share a bit about myself so you know my story, how I got here, and why I am so passionate about helping you with your own goals!  

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Hi! I'm Shar


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“Working with Shar was the best decision! She is a great teacher and knows what she is doing. I love how much training we got each week, on top of unique weekly macro calculations and direct feedback. The workouts were critical for me. Shar was there for every day, step and week in the 12 week journey. This program changed my body, mind, life. There are no words that can do justice to what Shar's program has done for my mental health. I am so much happier. I have literally learned how to live life differently.”

My results exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to continue with Shar for another 12 week journey. 




In just 12 weeks I noticed so many positive changes in my physical and mental health. Thanks to this program I have improved my relationship with food and gained the knowledge to continue this macro journey long-term. Shar is an amazing macro coach! She is super knowledgeable and supportive! The program is clearly set-up for success and Shar is there to guide, empower and celebrate all the wins along the journey!”

The macro basecamp program has exceeded my expectations! 




“Having Sharleen as my coach has been amazing! She gives you all the tools you need to be successful with your goals. I feel like I have a way better outlook for what realistic weight loss is and once the weight comes off, how to keep it off by learning to maintain a balanced lifestyle when it comes to food and working out. She provided me with customized work outs, and checked in to see how I was doing along the way and helped me navigate healthy choices when eating out or even being away on holidays. These last three months have been great and I am taking away a lot of information and positivity from the experience.”

This is a lifestyle change, and one that I will be forever thankful to have discovered




“When I started this program, I believed that I needed to eat a 1,200 calorie, low carb, no sugar, low fat diet if I wanted to see results. Shar taught me that by doing this, I was actually slowing my metabolism, and not fueling my body properly so it was holding onto the fat instead of losing it. Shar calculated my macros, and when my caloric intake was exceptionally higher than what I had been consuming, I was completely freaked out, but she coached me to trust the process. I am in the best shape of my life, I have leaned out, gained muscle, and improved my physique.

12 weeks later, I have lost almost 10 pounds and 12 inches

Want to enjoy date night or ladies’ night guilt-free 

Want to start looking and feeling confident in their own body and clothes

Want to reconnect with the joy of eating without restrictions

Want to make a lifestyle change that will give them a long and healthy life


Want to free themselves from trying absolutely everything to lose weight 

Want to increase their overall knowledge about the importance of nutrition and how food makes us feel

Are motivated to make a change

I help women who...